Norikosushi is the only 8 seats sushi bar representing Yoroppa style sushi in a traditional Japanese way located in the heart of Wroclaw, Poland.
Our philosophy is to deliver the best available product in season together with the right temperature, timing, and quality. We’re focused on details that’s why we deliver sushi in an authentic way “one by one” to maximize comfort and experience for our guest.

At Noriko we offer OMAKASE, meaning that you give the chef creative freedom and trust to give you a culinary journey and a memorable dining experience. Indulge yourself in the best ingredients. puts trust in the cook’s hands. The chef spans 16 selections depending on the type of sushi.


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OMAKASE | Tasting Menu
best of Noriko Sushi
min 2 seats required,

295PLN/per person

Sunday & Monday – we are closed

*booking in advance for a minimum of 2-3 days before